Terms and conditions - Insurance

For all types of cars the renter must be over 23 years old.
The driver must have a greek driving license or a driving license of a member state of the European Union or an international driving license that has been issued at least one year ago.
At the beginning of the rental the driver and the second driver must bring their driver's license and passport or identity. If the driver does not bring with him the driver's license, his passport or ID or one of them is not valid or counterfeit, the rental can not take place. The driver's license, passport or ID must be original. Fax or Photocopies will not be accepted.
The car insurance includes the following:

Breakdown service.

The renter can limit the liability for legal share in any car damage at 450 Euro by paying 5 Euro per rental day. When is caused damage to a car, with liability of the customer, the customer pays the damage to the amount of his participation. If the cost of the damage is less than the participation fee, he is charged only with the cost of the damage. When a customer is proven not responsible for an accident with another vehicle, he does not bear any of the costs of the damage. The only proof of no liability of the customer is the document of Traffic Police.

In case of accident the customer is obliged to inform us immediately on the phone 0030 23740 62441 or 0030 6948720417, which is listed in the rental contract, and inform the police. In case of mechanical failure the customer is obliged to remain in the vehicle until the roadside assistance arrives.

In case of mechanical failure, the company is obliged to replace the vehicle within 24 hours.
Attention None of the insurances provides coverage:
If you drive on bumpy roads. If drives a person, who was not mentioned in the contract. If the damage/accident was caused under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs. For damage caused to the underside of the car and the wheels. For loss or theft of personal belongings, kept in the car. For damages to the interior of the vehicle, more specifically: burning from cigarettes, damaged living room, damage from pets, damage to interior equipment due to misuse.
If at the beginning of the rental there are damages to the vehicle from a previous costumer, that were not repaired, they will be written in your insurance contract for your insurance. The renter must examine the car and accept that it is in an excellent condition and suitable for the use and purpose, for which it is rented. The renter is obliged to return the car to the company and all the forms, tools and accessories that go with it, in the state that he received them, and at the place and time specified in the contract.

In advance through PayPal: You will fill the requested data for payment by credit card in the required step of our website form. After we receive your payment, we will send you via e-mail the booking confirmation with the rental details. The remaining amount will be paid upon collection of the car.

In advance via bank account: You will fill the requested data in the required step of our website form. You are given the bank account, in which you must deposit the money.After we see the deposit, you will receive via e-mail the booking confirmation with the rental details. The remaining amount will be paid upon collection of the car.

Cash or by card, if the rental takes place at our place without a reservation.

The car rental is counted for every 24 hours. For each hour of delay after the 24 -hour rental period there is a charge of one sixth of the daily rental rate.
You can make any reservation change with a call and it implies the price recounting, according to availability of vehicles and at the current prices. In case of a booking cancellation of less than 7 days before the date of arrival the deposit is not refundable.
Available option with special charge upon request.
The renter must deliver the car with the same amount of gas as it was received.
All the calls to the Traffic Police and other effects are charged to the renter.
The rental of the vehicle outside the borders of Greece is not allowed.
Allowed with the driver's responsibility.
One day (24 hours).
Available option with special charge upon request .
The delivery of the rented car takes place at Thessaloniki Airport (SKG). Our representative will be waiting in the arrivals hall. Pay attention to the sign with the logo of our company STAR Rent A Car. Please pay attention and let us know the airline and your flight number, so that we can be on time and see any possible delay to the time of your arrival.